Debt Collection

Anticor Ltd has been engaged since 1993 in the business of Debt Collection. We can undertake the collection of debts as per your instructions ranging from telephone contact to legal action.

The benefits of Debt Recovery are enhanced by the Selection of a debt collection company that can be effective in recovering late payments from bad debtors. Often the only thing prompting a debtor to pay up is a letter advising them that a Debt Recovery expert has been appointed.

We can collect when you can’t.

Defaulting debtors may not respond to your collection efforts, but put a professional on the job and the bills often get paid. 

Debt Recovery will free up your time and resources.

Debt collection can be very time-consuming, most of the business owners would prefer to practice their chosen profession. Contacting slow-paying accounts means sending letters and making phone calls, which takes a significant amount of time. 

Tools that you don’t have

We use advanced instruments in order to locate and communicate with debtors. In addition, we are in constant communication with debtors through written and verbal means.

Decrease the amount of bad debt

You won’t need to write off bad debtors each year. By partnering with us, we can work with you in securing your debts much faster!

Send out a clear message

Let your reluctant customers know that late payment and bad debts will not be tolerated. Ultimately ensuring you’re on top of the list of people to pay month in month out.

Polite and professional approach

We stand out from the competition by having polite and professional approach even with the most difficult customers.

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