Fiduciary and Corporate Services

Anticor Ltd can offer services in terms of registration, maintenance of registered address, secretarial and book-keeping to companies who would like to have a base of operation in Cyprus.  We can provide all other corporate services as due diligence or audits.

Firm Registration

Contact us today In order to register a company or any other legal entity in Cyprus. Anticor will undertake all necessary steps to register the company and provide the necessary guidance as to the required procedures.


Anticor provides a comprehensive range of Incorporation services, tax-planning and related corporate services for companies that wish to operate in Cyprus as well as in other offshore jurisdictions.

Investment Management

We offer a clear perspective on the compound and complicated world of international investing.


Having someone who handles your finances also decreases the potential for your business to be in financial risk because it eliminates the possibility of errors occurring.


VAT can be complicated especially when you have to understand and calculate many of the different rules that need to be applied.

Income Tax

Have you prepared a tax return before? 
There’s no one size fits all in this business? That’s because tax returns are not all the same. We will take over your Tax Return Process.

Wealth Planning

We provide successful strategies, tools and guidelines for an effective wealth management.

Trust Administration

We provide legal support to safeguard proper administration of the complex issues of trust.

Contact us today and find out what else we can offer for your corporate needs!

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