Status Reports

The status reports prepared are comprehensive, accurate and unbiased. They always contain the latest up-to-date market information. They provide factual information on the company’s principals, legal history, operations, credit worthiness, finances, bankers, as well as a short commentary section to complete the picture.

We can deliver reports either in pdf or XML format depending on the client needs. The company’s primary strength is the speed of service, which is achieved through the personal involvement of the directors in the day-to-day running of the business. Anticor Ltd’s aim is to be the eyes and ears of its clients in all the countries covered. The quality of the reports is constantly being monitored by the directors to ensure it is maintained up to the highest standard expected by its clients.

    Registrar of Companies Certificates

    We can arrange to order, collect and post on your behalf any company documents from the Registrar of Companies in Cyprus.

    Financial Milestones

    Increase your revenue and minimize your cost with our tailored accounting services that suit your needs.

    Development Milestones

    We offer short and long-term development milestones to help you achieve the desired end results of your business’ goals.

    External Developments

    Indeed, not everything can be dealt within as there are external developments that could affect your business. Market and competition could change your plans. Our experienced team can analyze different external developments that can keep you focused on your business’ goals.

    If the requested report is available and up to date in our database, it can be delivered within 24 hours.

    We deliver reports within the following period:

        • Normal up to 5 working days
        • Flash up to 2 working days
        • Superflash within 24 hours